Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sketch/Progress book

I keep some stuff in my sketchbook, notes, storyboards, the occasional page of reference, but that stuff never makes it onto the blog. So since this is supposed to be a blog about the process of making this project, I thought I'd post some of that stuff.

Here's a page of storyboards:

Here's a page of reference:

And some thumbnails for poses because I seem to be able to draw more dynamic things on paper than straight into the computer sometimes. This isn't the best example for dynamism though

And last of all, this is how I time stuff out. This is for the scene where the guy wakes up in the clearing. I'll probably be posting the animation for that next week. I'm just about done with the rough animation for that. On the left you can see frame numbers, followed by time code, followed by description, followed by my own version of music notes. The numbers on the right were to assist me in converting from timecode to my flash file.

Animation with music will be posted soon! Stay tuned.