Saturday, September 22, 2007

Character Designs and Backgrounds

Here are the backgrounds I have so far. This one has the look I'm going for:

This one needs fixing still. It is the inside of the fairy hill, where all the fairies will be partying. It isn't as graphically simple as the look I'm going for. Also, the farmer guy will just blend right in:

Speaking of characters, here is the farmer guy, the lead fairy and a generic fairy. The fairies will probably be glowing in the film:

And just for good measure, the farmer guy riding on a cow, playing the fiddle. This is the look I'm really going for here.


garythecynic said...

you pretty much nailed the violin posture! you could tuck the instrument a bit more under the chin if you want.

sheila said...

Hi Emily-

I love your color schemes. You may want to develop the background for the last scene in your film. It would be great if you could match the richness of the other BGs.

Notes from crit:

*Do not need to show him walking to the cave, can cut to him entering.

*The dance at the end needs to be very full- check out "Crac" by Frederic Bach (comment by Christine)

*The climactic moment is when the fairies join him playing instruments. You can play up that moment. Show some CUs of their reactions beforehand (a pan across their faces?) Show several fairies joining in.

*The fairy dance could be a peculiar Cirque de Soleil- type dance- bizarre movements, etc. (comment by Andrew)

*The last background could combine blues and reds (comment by Christine)

That's all I can think of for now!


Victor said...

Looking back at this background for the big reveal of the fair burrow (and I think you've since scrapped this layout, so this comment is really worthless), I can't help but feel like this shot needs to be staged way more dramatically. It's just too neutral the way it is.

Fairy land should be the bee's knees.

Leanna said...

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