Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Rough Animation

Here is some rough animation. I'll be putting up more later this week. I have yet to make changes like exaggerating motions and the like.

Here's a walk cycle for the cows both from the back and side.

This is from when the guy is riding the cow and he sees one of his herd wander off the road, so he stops playing and dismounts. I'm going to redo it, however. It's just not really the right motion.

This is after the guy gets off the cow. He's watching his cow that just walked off the road and putting his violin away.

Here the guy has just chased his cow into the woods and he hears some music, so he looks up.

That's all I've got for right now. I'll post this week's animation later this week.


Carder said...

On the cows: from the back, the walk looks a little...crooked. And from the side, the ears bother me. Otherwise, your cow walks literally excite me. I love cows.

Meanwhile, having the guy put his violin in his overalls is great. I love it.

Stickman said...

Great work! Try make them more smooth.