Monday, January 28, 2008

Progress 1/28/08

The pacing is a little faster than I want, but overall I'm pleased enough with how this week went. There's a little color test in there. I wish color looked the same from PC to Mac - it seems to be a huge difference. I think I'm starting to get a better handle on how to animate the fairies. Bonus feature: Play any music and the fairies seem to dance to it.

Progress 1/28/08 from EmilyT on Vimeo.


sheila said...


It is great to see this edited together. I wonder if we will notice the man sitting on the bench in the BG or if we will be too distracted watching the fairies dance in the FG? Perhaps you could zoom in a little until the fairies are off-screen if it becomes a problem?

Great work!

Emily said...

that's why i was doing the focus thing, i hope it reads better when everything is colored - but otherwise, yeah, i'll zoom in a bit

sheila said...

Oooohhhhh... I didn't even notice the focus thing! I think you may want to increase the effect a bit. Nice idea!

Victor said...

I don't think your angry fairy (faerie? How do the kids spell these things now-days?) would let his guard down so soon.

Maybe wait until the guy pulls out his violin before he puts his blaster hand down.

I know I'm late to the party on this scene, but, you know... two cents, blah blah blah.